It's been a while since i posted on here, but lots has been happening! I finished on Silent Witness at the end of October, and went straight into a new series of New Tricks where i'm graphic designer. It's been lots (and lots) of work, but the scripts are great and i'm looking forward to getting back into it after the xmas break i'm currently on (my longest time off since march!).

Silent Witness has been confirmed to be starting on BBC 1 Thursday January 10th 2013, with the conclusion of the 2-parter on the Friday. There's 5 stories (10 episodes), so i assume they'll be aired the consecutive weeks...

The BBC's released some promo photos and little interview bits where you can see glimpse some of the stuff i made (personal fave's being the cage fighting match posters in 'jack hodgson's' interview). So do take a gander and keep a look out for all the promo stuff to come :)

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