Today, like most times when i'm fed up of the tutors giving me conflicting advice, i decided to draw something that was as far removed from what i was meant to be doing (fmp) as possible. So i decided to draw my cat, Henry. He was the best cat i've ever had (and ive had 9), and knew more secrets than anyone!


melina bee said...

that is so great! it reminds me a bit of 1960s, Warhol greeting card-esque cat illustrations. Really wonderful how the composition includes two figures and the way the detail is focused on line quality throughout the face, and just the right amount of information about the body. I'd be curious to see you expand more of these "cat studies". Do you ever paint?

Sophie H Powell said...

thanks! yeah i sometimes paint! mainly in goache/watercolour in block colour, not too much detailed stuff nowdays. i used to do alot of acrylic work, but i've transferred more into drawing & colouring pencils in the last year or so