Churchill was a Stud

Last week i had the pleasure of meeting some lovely girls & boys and spending the week under the instruction of some amazing practicing illustrators & animators at the BBC White City. We produced work for the bbc in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum & Cabinet War Rooms creating a series of short animations using Pro Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro & Flash as well as hand drawn artwork alongside clips from the Imperial War Museums sound archives of memories of WW2. The aim of these animations was to show memories of ww2 in a way that could illustrate & teach about ww2 to 12-14 year olds in a 'fun' way. These pieces will be put on the resources reel and used for that purpose when schools come to visit.

I'm awaiting the finished animations to arrive through the post but for now i have some scans of some of the drawings i produced that were later green-screened onto backgrounds as well as some conceptual sketches. (Faces on motorcycle & sitting down drawn by Oli Ninnis)

This was my sound clip:
Cyril Rider - a dispatch rider for Churchill
"The room you go in is a heck of a long room - echo - and the television's right up there and the door here and he would let us come in, erm, because there were only two of us each time you see. And he'd come in and he'd walk down in his dressing gown and pyjamas and he'd say, er. 'get her rolling, Winnie's here.' And we'd sit down and watch the news with him. Pathe gazette i think it were called then, i'm not sure. But we watched that and all, and anything else we wanted to we'd raise or buzz off to bed."

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