I can walk without my crutches for my left ankle, but i have a massive bruis eon my right knee and managed to drop a computer on my right foots big toe last night...it hurts ALOT. the nails gone black = not a good sign. Anyway here are the templates of the images i cut into lino & have been printing with for the past couple of days. I'll scan some of the prints in once they've dried.

It's all based on the accidental creation of the sandwich; The 4th Earl of Sandwich, & the two figures from his family coat of arms, Posiedon & an Eagle


Coop said...

In my first year of uni, i opened my flat door over by big toe when i was drunk, needless to say i wasn't wearing socks or shoes and there was a lot of blood.

I feel your pain.

steve said...

very nice work - love the lines!